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Private Commissions: This is for a one-off, custom illustration for private use. I start by taking a lot of photos (or you can send photos to me). I then draw the outline by hand and add details and colour digitally. The finished artwork is an unframed, A3 illustration on archival paper.


Please allow up to 2 weeks for completion of your artwork. This covers the time it takes to complete the illustration (including customer amendments if required) as well as the printing and delivery time. The fee for a typical, project is $585.00 (plus GST).  Additional copies and custom sizes are extra. I retain the copyright and the digital files. For payment I require half at the beginning of the project and the remaining half upon completion.

Commercial Commissions: The same illustration process as above,  and then there is a usage fee on top of that, depending on how the artwork is to be used. Where will it be used? For how long? At what size? How many people will see it? etc. Drop me a line on my Contacts page if you'd like to discuss the details. Or call me on 0404 247 598.

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